“You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love doing, and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off you.” – Maya Angelou

P.S. specializes in Personal Professional Affordable Custom bookkeeping services to businesses across America.


Curated services for small businesses.

America’s small business demands continue to grow and change. P.S. evaluates these bookkeeping needs, across industries, to determine the most valuable and overlooked services to the small businesses of America. Some industries we have curated services for include  Transportation, Package & Delivery, Linehaul, Amazon® & FedEx® Contractor Companies, Cannabis Dispensaries,  Restaurants, Property Management, Artists, Interior Design, Automotive, Medical, Dental, Electricians & Plumbers, and so much more. P.S. provides specialized bookkeeping services, to make the most impact, in a small, but everlasting way.

As technology changes, so do we.

As technology changes, businesses are oftentimes left with obsolete software due to the cost and time it takes to migrate the company’s bookkeeping information. Here at P.S., we adapt to new technology and increasingly higher subscription fees by scouring the web for the most efficient, user-friendly, integrated, and affordable industry-driven software for our Clients’ needs.






Custom quotes for professional services.

P.S. provides free custom quotes based on the  services requested.

Please feel free to reach out to Peggy to discuss the business’ needs in order to provide the best quote possible. 

For a free quote please feel free to use the contact information below.

We look forward to hearing from you!

For businesses needing to setup their books  with new Bookkeeping software or other custom accounts.

  • One Time Fee

  • Bookkeeping Software

  • Accounts Payable

  • Sales Tax Accounts


For Businesses needing Bookkeeping Services on a reoccurring basis.

    • Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly Fees

    • Bookkeeping Services

    • Ongoing Support & Communication

For businesses who are needing bookkeeping services for prior financial periods.

    • Project Fee

    • Rush Fee (Optional)

    • Tax Preparation

For businesses needing a special service that falls outside of our standard set of bookkeeping services.

    • Fee Varies

    • Custom Services



"What Would P.S. Do?"

Do you have questions about your business or other bookkeeping related issues?  Unfortunately, there’s no easy way for businesses to find such answers.

Here at P.S. we offer four different types of “WWPSD” advisory services. Each type is catered to well-known situations and questions that we are often asked. Not only can you ask your questions, but we have set up a link where you can easily and quickly book a “WWPSD” meeting to go over these questions at a fee of $150/hr.


A lot of times, business owners have questions related to certain changes in business processes that could affect their Bookkeeping processes. Here at P.S. we guide business owners based on , economical, environmental, and internal factors. We help business owners distinguish those factors and how they may or may not affect their current Bookkeeping. This allows business owners the ability to make a more confident decision in their business’ future.

    • Do you question if you were to hire a bookkeeper how that would impact your current business processes and procedures?

    • Do you question if you’re using the right tech to help support your business bookkeeping?

    • Do you have a specific business or bookkeeping scenario that you are currently going through or will go through that you would like our personal Bookkeeping guidance on?

We understand that the bookkeeping industry has lacked credibility for some time. Here at P.S. we are looking to empower business owners to understand what their bookkeepers are doing, but most of all, they are doing it with integrity. Here at P.S. we value trust, personalness, and seek to achieve a timeless partnership with each and every client.

    • Do you question whether your Bookkeeper is correctly inputting entries?

    • Do you question if your Bookkeeper is performing the services you’ve hired them to perform?

    • Do you question if there is suspicious Bookkeeping being performed? 


As the digital world takes place, more and more business owners are looking to cut costs by doing their own Bookkeeping. Unfortunately, there are little accounting nuances, that can prevent the business owner from being able to perform their own business bookkeeping according to GAAP guidelines. For these reasons we are looking to help assist business owners, by giving the best bookkeeping solution according to “What would P.S. do”?

    • Are you currently performing the Bookkeeping yourself?

    • Do you question if you’re booking entries to the appropriate accounts?

    • Do you wonder if you have the correct chart of accounts?

    • Do you have a simple, one-off question that you’re wanting to have quickly answered? 

Here at P.S. we have built great referrals to CPAs we have closely worked with. Through impeccable bookkeeping financials, we’ve built trust between several CPAs for them to rely on P.S. for most of their client’s bookkeeping needs. This allows the CPAs to focus on what they do best, Taxes and Financial Services. With that being said, we can give you guidance on a possible CPA that may be a good fit for your business, but most of all, someone that personally fits who you are and what you are trying to achieve.

    • Are you currently looking for a CPA to help perform your taxes?

    • Do you have business financial questions that could impact your taxes?

    • Are you having a hard time finding a reputable CPA that you can depend on to assist and file taxes?

Book a "WWPSD" Meeting

If you’d like to book a meeting for one of the four “WWPSD” ddvisory services, please select a meeting time below. Each meeting is established at a fee of $150/hr.

Please contact us, if you have any questions before booking a meeting.

We look forward to speaking with you!

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” -Benjamin Franklin

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